About Us

The Recruitment 2.0 Group is a start-up IT recruitment consultancy whose mission is to revolutionise and rebuild the recruitment sector from the ground up – by putting customer service first. From offering candidates free services to help them identify and gain employment with their dream employers, to helping companies discover talent-on-demand recruitment, we’re changing the way that people think about recruitment forever.

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Our Values

Always Challenging

If we're going to rethink recruitment, we must always challenge the status quo. Our innovative, creative and ambitious nature means we're constantly looking to challenge ourselves and our sector.

Responsibly Conscious

Reimagining an industry with an acknowledgment of our commitment to create a better world. From helping businesses to become more ethical to actively promoting diversity through technology, we are always aware of our responsibility.

Actively Informed

Information is good; what you do with it is that which is truly great. Proactively data-driven, we utilise statistical insights and our satisfaction-based KPIs to make informed challenges and decisions.

Our Services

Recruitment for

R2 is world's first recruitment company with solutions dedicated to helping candidates identify and gain employment with the companies that best meet their individual needs from the whole market place.

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Recruitment for Enterprise Technology

R2 is the no. 1 recruitment partner of choice for enterprise technology consultancies working in SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Workday, UiPath, and other market-leading enterprise technologies.

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Recruitment for Next-Gen Technology

R2 is the leading recruitment company for the technologies of tomorrow from AI and Hyper Automation to Robotics, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing and Bio-Technology.

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Recruitment for Tomorrow’s Industries

R2 specialises in recruitment for companies pioneering the industries of tomorrow: From driverless cars, to space tourism, and renewable energy.

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