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Consultancy Finder helps job-seekers interested in consulting jobs find their dream consultancy employer.


We’ve built the world’s most complete directory of IT consultancies to help job-seekers find the consultancy employers that best meet their individual career aspirations.

Team sizes, office locations, project locations, training programmes, salary brackets, bonus structures, Glass Door ratings, Google ratings, Kununu ratings, gender equality ratings, you name it, we track it.

So whether you are looking for a consulting job that offers international travel or no travel at all, a consulting job where you can work independently or where you finally fulfil your management potential, we can help you find your dream career opportunity.

Plus, every time you get-hired through The Recruitment 2.0 Group, we donate 1’000€ or 1’000€ to charity through our charitable arm The R2 Foundation.

The Free Services We Provide:

  • Free job profiling: Helping you to identify the kind of consultancy that would best suit your individual situation.
  • Free job search assistance: We can guide you through every single consultancy and job opportunity available.
  • Free CV and cover letter writing assistance.
  • Free access to our dedicated portal where you can live track the status of your applications.
  • Free interview preparation assistance.
  • Free salary negotiation and post placement support – securing the best financial offer and terms of employment.

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We understand the importance of finding a consultancy with a stable flow of cutting edge projects, good internal processes, and an appreciation for work-life balance.


Consultancy Finder uses predictive intelligence to present you with amazing job opportunities before they even appear on the market, putting you one step ahead of the competition!


Our marketing experts ensure your applications have the best chances of success in securing your dream consultancy job!


We use powerful Automation technology to live-track job opportunities on 1000s of career pages and job boards, so you don’t have too!


Make an appointment today and find your dream consultancy employer!


“A huge thank you for finding me just what I wanted. I cannot believe the speed, efficiency and professionalism you have shown in placing me into my perfect job. You seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and the type of job I would find interesting and worthwhile. I am so pleased I came to you.”

UweSAP HCM Senior Consultant